Date: Sept. 7th (00:00)-12th (24:00), 2021 (Beijing Time)


Guizhous Specialty Products Well Received Worldwide

In 2019, Guizhou’s total export value of agricultural products hit 4.546 billion yuan. Guizhou is especially famous for its Baijiu, tea, cigarette, specialty foods and traditional Chinese medicines, which are exported to over 60 countries and regions. In 2020, the total sales of Guizhou’s agricultural products amounted to 92.65 billion yuan, which outside-province sales accounted for 42.29 billion yuan.


About the Expo

Supported by CCPIT Guizhou Committee, CFNA, Commerce Bureau of Qiannan, Economics & Trade Bureau of Guian District and etc., our show is aimed to make Guizhou’s premium specialty products accessible to global buyers amid the pandemic.


Currently dozens of Guizhou’s leading local brands have confirmed their attendance, including Huanghongying Tea Industry, Fantian Fungus, Xiannv Red Wine, Winman Group, Sunlingyuan Ecological Agriculture, Yangguang Food, Zhuohao Food, Hongmanpo Agriculture, Kingvibo Biotechnology, Guiguowang Industry, Liupanshui Kiwi Fruit Group, Dachang Noodles, and so forth.


Our exhibitors are very excited and ready to meet worldwide trade companies, importers/exporters, online/offline retailers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and so on.


Exhibition Scope:

  • Special Agricultural Products:Kiwifruits, blueberries, sticky rice, chilies, Roxburgh Rose Fruit, fresh and dried fungus, and etc.;
  • Agricultural By-Products:Hams, Chinese bacon, Chinese sausages, chili sauces, pepper powders, tea, Chinese Baijiu, red wines, fruit wines, noodles,  condiments, pickled vegetables, preserved fruits, dried fruits, brown sugar, rice noodles, snacks, fruit juice, traditional Chinese medicines, walnut milk, flour, cooking oil, all types of staples, and etc.;
  • Cultural Products:Lacquer arts and crafts, aromatherapy diffusers, iron handicrafts, rattan-woven products, and etc.


Following the Guizhou show, is the offline show Fruit Expo 2021 happening this Sept. 24th-26th and the 2021 Global Fruit Industry Expo (Virtual) taking place this Nov. 4th-10th! If you are interested in our events, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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