\"Your Power in the Holy Spirit\" Mini-Conference Mountville Area Community Center- Auditorium Bldg. B2- Enter via Christian Academy, Mountville

Conference teaching on the Holy Spirit (whom Jesus left for us) how to be led by and walk with God, prayer for healing & deliverance session

About this event
“There are millions of people who sit in church, week after week after week, year after year, who [barely] hear a single sermon about the work of the Holy Spirit and His work in our life…when it’s so crystal clear from scripture that you cannot live a godly life, [nor] serve the Lord adequately, unless you understand how he works in your life.” – Dr. Charles Stanley

Conference Agenda – Dr. Michael Lassiter, Jr., Pastor will be the Main Teacher for:

-Who is the Person of the Holy Spirit

-The Holy Spirit is Part of the Trinity= God x Jesus x Holy Spirit = 1x1x1=1

-Baptism, Filling & Fellowship – with examples from scripture and how this looks today (We get sealed by the Holy Spirit in Initial Salvation BUT there are more levels of the Holy Spirit- with scriptural references and examples for the present)

Believers CAN HEAR and Be LED by His Voice (Proper Interpretation of the Word of God comes by His Spirit who inspired it)

How to be Led By the Holy Spirit and How He Leads us Into All Truth How to Submit to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit How to Ignite your Access to Heavenly Power Through The Holy Spirit

Biblical references and Present day Testimonies of Healing Through The Holy Spirit (YES! Over the years our ministry has seen the Lord HEAL Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, COVID, Breast Cyst, Numb Spinal nerves, Back and Hip Pain, etc. and so much more!)

There’s a Holy Spirit and Counterfeit spirits! Know the difference!

Deliverance from Demonic Oppression Through The Holy Spirit (YES! Over the years our ministry has seen people delivered and set free from marriage breaking spirits, fear, anxiety, depression, torment, doubt, bad dreams, etc. and so much more!)

Prayer Session for Attendees who desire Healing & Deliverance with Offer for Follow-Up Counseling to Remain Delivered at NO charge.

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⌛ Event Dates & Venue

01 Oct 2022, 10:00 am - 1:30 pm