World AI & RPA Summit – Manila 2021

26th August 2021.

What Is World AI Show?

World AI Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events that takes place in strategic locations across the world.

As part of the world tour, Philippines edition is virtually gathering pre-qualified CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of AI, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Innovation, and International AI experts from the industry.

The show features exciting keynotes, enterprise use-case presentations, product showcase, panel discussions, and tech talks to discuss the latest challenges for the sector arising out of the pandemic situation. Witness next-gen AI solutions from global leaders and explore their relevance and impact on your organization.

Why Philippines?

A force for change

AI is primed to disrupt Philippines’s society and the industry. This has been evident over the years with AI accelerating and being employed within the scope of education, healthcare, engineering, and business processes.

Added initiatives

Governments and private companies have seen these potentials and have since been evolving to keep up with fast pacing technology with many seeing AI as an enabler or augmenter of new jobs and opportunities to further the nation’s interests.

A long journey

While the benefits are insurmountable, the Philippines is still on the rise with the adoption of AI systems, but early signs show that can certainly move up globally by strengthening its technology governance through more disciplined approaches in implementing policies and measures.

The AI roadmap laid by Philippines outlined 42 “strategic tasks” or goals that cover regulation, workforce development, R&D, and digitization and infrastructure.
– Business World

Registration link: World AI & RPA Summit Manila 2021