On July 9th,2022 (Saturday) at 12pm,
IIQF invites you for the free webinar on “Digital Currencies and the Future of Money” with the industry expert having an experience over a decade- Ritesh Chandra.

One of the greatest inventions in human civilization is money. The first central bank to print paper money was Sweden’s Riksbank in 1661. Since then, coins and notes generated by central banks have served as medium of exchange.

However, the digital revolution is fundamentally changing the ways we think about money. Less than two months after Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, Satoshi Nakamoto produced a whitepaper that served as the catalyst for the entire thing. Nakamoto proposed Bitcoins, a brand-new decentralised peer-to-peer electronic monetary system.

Since then, the public has become fascinated with digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies also seem to be the way of the future of money, despite the recent collapse in their value. Decentralized money, which is not controlled by authorised financial institutions, will have an impact on the stability of the macroeconomy and the financial system. Through central bank digital currencies (CBDC), a digital version of central bank money, central banks have been attempting to address this issue.

We will explore the numerous facets of digital currency in this webinar. Along with cryptocurrencies, we’ll talk about stablecoins, which are virtual currencies whose value is tied to a standard asset. These might be more appropriate for everyday transactions because they are less volatile than cryptocurrencies. Finally, we’ll talk about central bank digital currencies for wholesale and retail transactions.

Topics to be discussed:

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Central Bank Digital Currencies

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09 Jul 2022, 12:00 pm