There are a variety of reasons why companies want to accelerate pharma development & manufacturing timelines: to produce drug products for a clinical trial, make products for compassionate use, or meet a management commitment to serve patients, etc. While the primary motivating factor may differ from company to company, each organization needs to balance the pressures of timeline objectives with the avoidance of risks that can affect the future of the program. This webinar will recommend strategies to efficiently execute pharma development & manufacturing programs. The speakers will discuss a real-life example about how appropriate planning and judicious risk assessment favorably impacted a project timeline for a virtual pharmaceutical company. The speakers will share the successful tactics that shortened the project by performing tasks in parallel, allowing the client to maintain their commitments to their stakeholders. They will also identify what risks to the timeline should be avoided. In this webinar, the speakers will: Present a general approach to layout a pharmaceutical development & manufacturing timeline and project plan Assess implications of the critical features of a drug product Discuss how to evaluate the risk of each step and identify opportunities to accelerate the project Examine how to approach adjustments when everything does not go as planned Register for this webinar to learn about constructing a pharma development & manufacturing project plan with steps to evaluate risk & find efficiencies.

29 Nov 2022, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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