Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of spatial media and technologies! The conference by developers, producers, educators, and artists, for developers, producers, educators, and artists.

🚀 Join us on July 10-11 for an unforgettable in-person experience in the heart of one of North America’s largest tech innovation cities. 🍁

Key Topics:

  • Virtual Museums, Archaeology, and Cultural Anthropology
  • NERFS/Gaussian/Dolphin Splatter Live Virtual Performance Training
  • The Revenge of LBEs (Location-Based Experiences)
  • OpenXR and multimodal affordances past, present, future
  • Generative AI for Virtual Production
  • Web3D/WebXR Optimization and Advancements
  • Hyper-Reality 2.0
  • Projection Mapping and Immersive Interactive Environments
  • The Next Phase of LLMs (Light-Field Displays) and GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)
  • Digital Humans
  • (XR) Simulation for the Next Generation Flight Navigation and UAM (urban air mobility)
  • New Advancements and Content Approaches for AR/MR (Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality)
  • Haptics, Gestural input
  • Art and AR
  • Low code VR, 3D asset creation