Virginia 420 Festival Virginia 420 Festival ( Misty Mountain ), Greenwood

The Virginia 420 Festival 2024, set for April 18-20, is an extraordinary dual-location event celebrating cannabis culture. This innovative festival takes place at Misty Mountain Campground, Greenwood, and Garrett Farms, Salem, offering attendees the choice of two diverse settings. It marks its third year with an extensive lineup of artists and comedians, such as Keller Williams and Kottonmouth Kings, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere filled with music and laughter.

The festival also serves as an educational hub. It features outdoor cultivation masterclasses led by Mark Herer and sessions on indoor growing, cannabis cooking, wellness, advocacy, business, and more. These educational components offer insights into various aspects of cannabis, from cultivation to its cultural significance.

Camping is integral to the festival experience. Misty Mountain provides a luxurious camping experience, while Garrett Farms offers a more rustic, primitive camping option. Attendees must have a 3-Day Virginia 420 Festival ticket to secure a camping spot.

A unique highlight is the first-ever 420 wedding, celebrating the unity and passion of the cannabis community. This event encapsulates the festival’s spirit of community and shared experiences.

Tickets and camping reservations are available online, with specific purchase procedures for each location. The festival is a blend of entertainment, education, and communal experience, aiming to enlighten and entertain in equal measure. It’s a must-attend for those interested in cannabis culture, offering a rich, diverse, and engaging experience


Ticket Pricing:
50.00 $

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Virginia 420 Festival ( Garrett Farms ), 4331 Barley Drive, Salem, VA 24153, United States, Salem , VA, 24153, United States of America