As Industry 4.0 takes shape, it is imperative to consider how the technological advancements digitally transforming industries will impact the Earth.

Industrialization has taken a toll on our planet.

Is it too late to reverse it’s negative impact on the environment?

What measures should be taken to ensure that Industry 4.0 leaves the world better than what it currently is?

Find out what the experts have to say about this important topic on Thursday April 28, 2022 as Industry Insights Webinars and IoT Marketing present, The Shift to Earth 4.0.

Discussion topics include:
• How technology can be used to increase efficiency and sustainability
• Challenges and risks Industry 4.0 poses on the environment
• Strategies for keeping technology deployments green
• Predictions for the future of Industry 4.0 and how it will impact the earth

Event Details:
Date – April 28, 2022
Time – 11AM PT | 1PM CT | 2 PM ET

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28 Apr 2022, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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