The Night Alive The Chain Theatre, New York

Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive is coming to New York City!

McPherson’s hero, Tommy, is a middle-aged loner who has lost all hope; a Jack of all trades and master of none. He lives in his Uncle Maurice’s bedsit in North Dublin, scraping by through life with his loyal companion Doc.

Life takes an unexpected turn when Tommy meets Aimee and decides to save her from a dark path. As their worlds collide, both sense a glimmer that life could get better after all. This play examines loneliness and the search for human connection all with a helping of classic Dublin humor.

The Night Alive is a barrage of blood, tears and battered sausage; a journey of five lost souls scored by Marvin Gaye’s hit song ‘What’s Going On.’

After receiving rave reviews at The Stella Adler Studio, the show will now open at The Chain Theatre – produced by Maiden Productions and Team Theater.

Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan, the show will see John Duddy, former boxing champion, leading the show as Tommy. Duddy will be sharing the stage with Molly Ehrenberg-Peters, Haydn Harvey, Lloyd Peters and Thomas Shuman.

The Night will be Alive from October 13th to October 22nd at the Chain Theatre and you won’t want to miss it!

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