Mindfulness, Tibetan Bowls, Music and Immersive Art. Experience a transformational journey with Michael and Jahna, and DJ SELEKTRA! Wisdome LA and Vortex Immersion Media Presents:
The Journey: Live!
What happens when you immerse yourself in the synergistic power of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, ethereal voice, mindfulness and beautiful 360 visuals?
The Journey: Live! integrates visual immersive storytelling, ancient musical tones, binaural beats and frequency soundwaves to bring you into states of awe, elation, mindfulness and positive self-awareness.
Vocalist and certified mindfulness practitioner, Jahna Perricone, and master Tibetan singing bowl artist Michael Perricone will be your guides as you take the journey through enchanting and transformative music and awe-inspiring fulldome visuals followed by a sacred downtempo DJ & VJ set by artist Brianna Amore (aka DJ SELEKTRA).

15 May 2022, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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