Embedded finance use cases for brands, merchants, and non-financial institutions The Embedded Finance Network is curated specifically for brands, merchants, and non-financial institutions. You’ll receive everything you need to know about embedded finance – what works versus what doesn’t across different industries and contexts – and how it stacks up against your existing priorities so you can make an informed, profit-led decisions about how to integrate financial services into your business model. Receive embedded finance use-cases that you can apply to your business context Our 2- day online conference agenda is packed with pan-industry embedded finance use-cases from other brands, merchants, and non-financial institutions to help you build your own business case and venture.
Expect to hear about embedded: payments, banking, lending, insurance, payroll applications and more, across different sectors including retail, ecommerce, marketplaces, and mobility.

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03 Oct - 04 Oct 2023, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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