Global Organisations face significant challenges to adapt with speed to the ever changing market environment. Adapting to challenges such as meeting customers expectations, winning over competitors and keeping up with new technologies are driving force behind the increasing need for Business Transformation and Operational Excellence.

As a result, organisations have to rethink their strategies, improve their processes and operations, stay ahead of advanced technologies. These includes strategies that embrace and thrive on the power to drive innovation, promoting an innovation driven workplace. Hence, it is clear that industry leaders face a period of incredible change and disruption.

Senior leaders need to adapt and actively embrace these new technologies and the new business models to ensure the organisation is always at the cutting edge of execution excellence. The right change management helps make a smooth transition to digitalisation, and what is needed for culture, communication and leadership style.

Confexco’s Event’s are interactive programs which includes practical workshops, case studies, dynamic panel discussions and interactive group discussions that are designed to help you re-think your structures, capabilities and processes.

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23 Feb 2024, All Day

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