PicassoDefi in collaboration with Agora Gallery is pleased to announce The Advent of Modernity, From the Beautiful to the Sublime, From Florence to New York, a digital showcase of contemporary Italian artworks and prestigious Italian private collections. 


Born in Italy, the PicassoDefi project brings together key players in the art world to promote selected artists through local and international exhibitions, fairs, and events, building a dialogue between tradition and innovation. The soiree will open with a presentation of a hard-copy catalog prefaced and critiqued by art Francesco Gallo Mazzeo, independent curator and tenured professor of art history at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, featuring works by Italian artists Tobia Ravà, Trapanig, Michele Valenza, Michele Simonetti, Gabriel Lass, and Disemino. A digital version of the publication will be displayed on a large high-definition screen. A second monitor will exhibit a catalog of pieces from eminent private collections in Italy, including sections on paintings, sculptures, photographs, hand-made books, limited edition coins, medals, banknotes, and limited series watches. The event will also feature projections of works by Ukranian-Italian photographer and video artist Disemino. 

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29 Sep 2023, 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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