The 8th China Digital Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2023
Covid-19 and anti-globalization have exposed the hidden dangers of China’s industry chain and supply chain. The “14th Five-Year Plan” clearly points out that the digital supply chain is an important link to promote the stability of the industrial chain and the supply chain for smooth circulation of national economy. Therefore, it is urgent to explore the action mechanism of the digital supply chain to promote domestic and international double cycle; Meanwhile, how to realize the sustainable development of the supply chain under double carbon strategy is also concerned.

This summit will focus on hot topics such as how to carry out strategic planning and implementation of digital supply chain under double-cycle pattern and carbon neutral, how to build end-to-end digital supply chain to optimize production plan, how to carry out digital reform for procurement to realize its sustainable development, how to realize intelligent manufacturing to improve production efficiency and reduce carbon emission, how to optimize logistics service and enhance risk response ability by digital technology, how to cultivate digital talents and accelerate digital transformation of supply chain. This summit will bring best practice cases of digital supply chain for decision makers of enterprises, assist enterprises to improve the speed and efficiency of supply chain, bring economic benefits to enterprises and promote the formation of double cycle pattern.

20+Industry Leading Company’s Intelligence Sharing;
100+ Professional Delegates from Top 2000 Companies;
Consecutive 8th year,offline sharing + online live streaming;

So many supply chain experts will share their best practices, such as leaders from Mondelēz International, Unilever, P&G, Schaeffler, Master Kong, Shell, Honeywell, etc. Meanwhile, elites from logistics industry will share practical experience on how to build a sustainable supply chain under the regular COVID-19 situation, such as leaders from JDL, Cainiao Group,etc.

Hot Points
Build a Sustainable Supply Chain
Under the background of COVID-19, geopolitics and change of consumer behavior, how to build a sustainable supply chain to reduce the risk of delayed delivery due to supply chain uncertainty?
Supply Chain Resilience Management
In the post-pandemic era, how to leverage digital capabilities to build supply chain resilience system and enhance supply chain resilience in order to guard against supply chain disruptions?
Intelligent Manufacturing
The digitalization of manufacturing is to achieve intelligent decision-making and efficient management of supply chain with digital and intelligent technologies on the basis of enterprise digitalization. Under the background of increasing external market uncertainty and fierce competition, how to
achieve the transformation and upgrading from process informatization to intelligent decision-making for manufacturing?
E2E Digital Supply Chain
E2E digitalization is the key to build a more flexible, agile and resilient supply chain. How to connect the full ecological chain from upstream suppliers to downstream clients to achieve E2E
digital supply chain management?
Digital Procurement Transformation
Procurement has become increasingly important to support evolving business strategies, manage risks and costs, and ensure continued access to critical resources and capital under the global turmoil. How to build value in procurement by digital technologies? How to reinvent procurement as a value center?
Digital Talent
With the rapid development of digital revolution in supply chain, new technologies and tools are actively applied. It’s urgent to cultivate digital supply chain talents. How to improve the structure of supply chain and establish the career path for digital supply chain talents?

Hot Topics
Strategic Planning and Scenario Analysis of Sustainable Supply Chains
Building End-to-end Supply Chain to Optimize Production Plan
End-to-end Digital Supply Chain Drives Enterprise Business Digital Transformation
Digital Model Empowers Forecast Accuracy of Demand
Selection and Application of Digital System Based on Business Demand
Digital Empowers End-to-End “Lighthouse Factory”
RPA Technology Empowers Logistics Supply Chain Management Optimization
Sustainable Digital Procurement Drives Supply Chain Carbon Neutral

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23 Feb - 24 Feb 2023, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm