The 2nd GBA Smart Tourism Forum School of Hotel and Tourism Management, PolyU, Hong Kong


The 2nd GBA Smart Tourism Forum aims to bring together leading researchers and key stakeholders in the region. The main purpose is to share and exchange experiences relating to smart tourism research; enhancing connectivity and knowledge. Information exchange about smart tourism between the member cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is increasingly vital to fostering mutual collaboration in the development of a smart GBA. Elements of developing a smart tourism destination and the way the new developments and technological innovations support the smart tourism ecosystem will be mainly discussed.



Under the theme of this Forum, the focuses will be placed on the tourism experience topics related to smart tourism and information and communication technologies in both conceptual and technical aspects. We will invite speakers who will share their research and experience on the following themes and extended topics:


  • Smart Cities and Smart Destinations

  • Information and Communication Technologies

  • Applications, Social Media and Digital Marketing (SoCoMo)

  • Marketing and Branding Smart Tourism Destination

  • Electronic Distribution for Tourism Products

  • Data-Driven Market Segmentation in Tourism

  • Mobile-Based Travel Experience

  • Traveler’s Privacy Concerns and Online Data Disclosure

  • Consumer Intelligence and User-Generated-Content

  • Other topics related to the theme of the Forum


  • To share insights and experiences for developing the GBA into a smart tourism destination and managing smart tourism experience

  • To deepen the understandings of travelers’ perceptions of smart tourism destinations

  • To provide practical solutions for managing the challenges faced by technological development in tourism

  • To explore new perspectives and trends in smart tourism development in the GBA

  • To enhance the connectivity and technology spillovers in the GBA


We will invite researchers, students, practitioners, and decision makers of all backgrounds to interact and inspire each other on the same platform. Community interest groups, government think tanks, and industry associations will also be invited to participate to share their perspectives on tourist experience enhancement through smart tourism.