Step Further with Merrell Commons Park, North Meadow, Denver

Merrell exists to share the simple power of being outside with everyone, and we are looking to take that a Step Further! On September 24th, we invite you to come out to Commons Park in downtown Denver and engage in activities, classes, and experiences that will help prepare you to take your outdoor experiences a STEP FURTHER! We partnered with STRENGTH IN THE CITY to STEP OUTSIDE and work with local health and wellness businesses to accomplish the mission. The idea is, we’re looking for what you can do outside to prepare yourself to go further and do more than you have done before. Come join us for this free event to get the community to move and learn how to STEP FURTHER in your outdoor adventures!

Taquitos y Mas will be serving tacos and other Mexican food delights for purchase on site all day. Flo Water will have free water refill stations to keep you hydrated during activities, so be sure to bring your refillable water bottles and stay hydrated!

Below is a list of activities that will be happening for free during the event!

RAFFLES will be happening throughout the day for anyone participating in the many classes and activities.

• STRENGTH IN THE CITY sees the glass as half full around and want to make sure they do our part to leave this world better than we found it. We build community through experiential events that support local initiatives, designed to get you outside of your comfort zone.
• StretchLab will open and close the day with some pre and post stretches to take with you to prepare you for any kind of outdoor activity, and keep your body ready for the next adventure
• Alpine Start will have some iced coffee and trail coffee samples while teaching people how to prepare to make it yourself while on the trail and out in the wilderness
• Colorado Mountain School will highlight goal-setting strategies for systematically building healthy relationships with family and friends by enjoying outdoor activities and adventure together. Dan will be providing examples of his own goal-setting stories and successes taking me from summits like Aconcagua, Mount Rainier, and Denali to international climbing competitions like European Cups and this year’s Ice Climbing World Championship in Switzerland. He will describe how to apply a 5-step goal-setting system in our personal and professional lives in order to achieve our biggest objectives. He will outline pathways for skills progression in mountaineering and alpinism, explain how Colorado Mountain School’s programs support sustainable skills development even for those with no previous experience outdoors. Two expert guides from CMS will answer questions and demonstrate technical skills all day at their booth.
• FiitCo will be leading a functional fitness class designed to torch fat and build lean muscle through thoughtfully designed circuits that combine intense cardio to spike your metabolism, resistance training to build strength, and dynamic movements to improve overall fitness and core stability.
• Women of Colorado will teach us about hiking preparedness including preparing for the trail, what to bring with you on a hike, being ready for unforeseen circumstances and evaluating trail conditions.
• Traverse will be leading a group HIIT class designed around high-intensity exercises to gain strength and build your engine to prepare your body for any type of outdoor activities or adventures
• Christina Hyrkas is a Greek- American woman who began her practice in 2013. After a thirteen year swimming career, she turned to yoga as a new physical outlet. As the asanas sunk into her body, she also found the mental and emotional healing of the practice. Inspired to share the bliss found on her mat, she pursued teaching. In 2018 she completed her 200 hour RYT training in Athens, Greece and returned to the States to teach at multiple studios. Christina hopes to inspire students to carry their practice a Step Further in her class and into their everyday lives and adventures.

24 Sep 2022, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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