Multichannel yesterday, omnichannel today, AI tomorrow, we’re fixated on finding the next big fix for our deteriorating customer relationships. While our search for a resolution continues, the reality of our failing customer engagement strategy is exacerbated.

Prone to overwhelming blanket channel outreach and content bombardment, HCPs are becoming indifferent to generic engagement and increasingly rely on alternative sources for the valuable information they need to serve patients. It’s time to break this cycle and unify your arsenal of engagement tactics into elevated personalised customer experiences.

You must de-silo investments, collectively integrate tools, intrinsically align across customer facing functions and embed AI to catalyse data into quality insights to deliver the seamless experience that will take your HCP relationships from strength to strength.

Reset and reinvigorate your strategies against the best in the industry at Reuters Events: Pharma Customer Engagement Europe 2023 (November 9-10) in London, where 300+ commercial, marketing and medical leaders share tactical case studies that are setting new standards of customer engagement.

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09 Nov - 10 Nov 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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