Presentation with Impact Course - 11/15th March 2024 - Impact Factory London Impact Factory | Professional Development | Training and Courses, London

Presenting – Pitching – Influencing – Storytelling – Persuading – Engaging – Motivating – Leading – Enrolling – Inspiring – Making the Complex Simple

These five intensive and practical days are an opportunity to benefit both you and your business. You will develop your existing skills to become a definitive speaker who plays a pivotal role in the furtherance and success of your organisation or business concept.

Course Focus:

Your distinctive attributes will be stimulated and nurtured, enabling you to achieve an authentic, engaging and flexible presenting methodology, one which will serve you for the rest of your presenting life. You will gain a profound understanding of your own unique style, why it works, and the intellectual appreciation of why exploring your own qualities and developing them is the right choice to support and strengthen new skills.

Course Objectives:

* Working with experts in the field
* Understanding every aspect of presentation
* The power of storytelling in business
* Building Presence
* Reading the room and responding to it
* Channelling nervous energy
* Mastering PowerPoint and Key Note
* Vocal and non-verbal communication
* Tricky situations and people
* Structuring for maximum impact
* Playing with presentations
* Presentation as a leadership tool
* Motivating your audience
* The art of persuasion, influence and enrolment
*Gaining confidence!

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11 Mar - 15 Mar 2024, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Five day Course: GBP 3750.00

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