Recent breakthroughs from Verve Therapeutics, Vertex-Arbor Bio, and have propelled the field of LNP technology forward at lightning speed beyond mRNA vaccines. LNP-based therapies are now being developed for base editing, in vivo gene therapies, and RNA and DNA deliveries to treat a wide range of diseases.

However, with the updated nanomedicine guidance from the FDA and the push towards precision medicine, the growing complexity of these therapies requires drug developers and manufacturers to fine-tune and enhance their characterization and analytical capabilities in order to speed up the next generation of therapeutics to market.

Building on our LNP community, the LNP Characterization and Analytical Development Summit is the definitive forum to discuss the roadmap of characterization and bioanalysis, reference materials, and potency assays throughout the product lifecycle. This summit brings together over 80 industry experts to advance the field of LNP technology and enhance LNP characterization, bioanalytics, and assay development capabilities.

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12 Sep - 14 Sep 2023, 8:45 am - 3:45 pm

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Conference Only - Drug Developer: USD 2099.00, Conference Only - Solution Provider: USD 2799.00

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