Influencing Skills Course - 16th October 2023 - Impact Factory London Impact Factory | Professional Development | Training and Courses, London

Our influencing skills training course is designed to help you to get people around you to see things slightly differently.

It will help provide you with the skills and techniques to impact people and influence them to do the things you need them to do.

We focus clearly on the interpersonal, communication and persuasion skills needed to get people to give you their support.

It’s a practical course, which will leave you feeling more confident in your ability to influence others.

Course Objectives:

* Dynamics of Influencing
* Spheres of Influence
* Influencing Without Authority
* Seeing Their POV
* Creating Trust
* Building Stakeholders
* Focus Your Energy
* Internal and External Influence
* Your Personal Strengths

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

16 Oct 2023, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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One Day Course: GBP 550.00

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