The Focus Gallery of Gallery Underground will present In the Flow: A Celebration of Waterfalls, a solo show by Mark Coffey. Mark Coffey has been a long-time member of Arlington Artists Alliance and Gallery Underground, and will be moving out of Virginia at the end of the year. This exhibition not only captures the meditative awe of waterfalls, but also Coffey’s gratitude for his years spent with us at the Alliance and Gallery. Mark Coffey states, “The beauty and energy of flowing water invites us into a peaceful, meditative state of being. I love the experience of a walk in the woods where falling water is heard in the distance. Then as the trail approaches the source of this joyful noise, there is a break in the trees and the waterfall suddenly becomes visible. It’s like arriving at a dance performance. It strikes me that this waterfall dances and sings whether I’m there to see it or not- whether it’s surrounded by appreciative admirers or whether it’s alone in the middle of the night with only the moon and stars to see and hear.”

28 Nov - 30 Dec 2022, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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