The Hotel Investment Conference-South Asia (HICSA), since its inaugural edition in 2005, has been an unequalled gathering platform for the hospitality industry the world over. The conference is valued for its content-rich sessions and excellent networking opportunities attracting the hospitality industry’s top brands, hotel owners, bankers, developers, and professional advisors from around the globe.

The 17th edition of the Hotel Investment Conference-South Asia (HICSA) is scheduled to be held on 6th and 7th April 2022 at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai. While the previous edition sought to understand the damage caused by the pandemic, this edition of HICSA will be centred around Resilience. Two of the most challenging years in recent times will soon be behind us, and notwithstanding the sparks of hope that have highlighted this unprecedented period, it is imperative that we understand the road to a complete recovery. We are proud to share that this edition of HICSA will feature 45% new speakers and another 10-15% who have graced the HICSA stage only once before. The conference is unique and special this year as for the very first time it showcases an impressive gender representation with more than 20% of speakers being inspiring women. A collection of keynote addresses, group and panel discussions will tell the story of the ordeal we continue to face and the ongoing journey of hospitality towards better days. The theme of this year’s conference is about that journey where the collective focus is on working at it harder, trying to make it better, doing it faster, making us all stronger – Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger.

The HICSA organizing committee is extremely grateful to all the speakers, sponsors, supporters, and delegates for showing your trust in us and extending your continuous support and looks forward to welcoming all of you at HICSA 2022.