Grand Mystic Convention 2023 2spirits – Your Spiritual Home, Seattle

Grand Mystic Convention 2023 – What To Expect

Come explore with us during an exciting day as we cover a wide range of esoteric and spiritual subjects. We’ll discover how to use spells for love, safety, and wealth. Tarot readers with experience will give some tips and tricks for predicting the future. Gurus and spiritualists will discuss spiritual awakening and how to experience it. There will be areas on tarot, magic stones, numerology, reading, and other topics.

In addition, we’ll have practical activities where you may meet new mystics, connect with Canadians and Americans who share your interests, and more! While attending the Grand Mystic Convention, which is being organized by, you may anticipate surprises around every corner.

Speakers And Gurus

Albert Ayala

Albert Ayala, a well-known wizard and tarot reader, will allow you to see into the future. His spreads and interpretations can reveal some hidden information to you. Bring your own Tarot decks if you want to practice, as per our recommendation.

Lucille Bond

Before attending the master class taught by renowned hereditary witch Lucille Bond, remember to prepare your thoughts. She is a part of the covert coven, the author of two books on witchcraft, and an expert in sigils and protective spells.

Araceli Woodward

Araceli Woodward is quite knowledgeable about astrology. She adamantly asserts that his mother served as his first teacher. She has so far looked at 10,000 horoscopes from people around the world. Don’t forget to note your birth dates so she can make precise forecasts.

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

24 Aug 2023, 10:00 am - 7:30 pm