Future Microbiome 2024, Exhibition and Conference Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Boston

Key topics for 2023:
The human microbiome as a source of therapeutics and diagnostics
Understanding the microbiota “signature” and how to use it as a biomarker to predict and treat human diseases.
New techniques to identify interactions between microbiota and diseases
Look for the latest developments in how various microbiota communicate with the host and the factors that influence these interactions.
Key technologies for the discovery of microbiome-based medicines
Explore how the latest mapping and profiling technologies can manipulate the microbiome to prevent and cure diseases by developing new therapies.
Latest research and developments in skin, gut, and oral microbiome
Defining the skin microbiome and understanding the role of the microbiome in women’s and infant health, gut, and beyond the gut.
How to overcome barriers in the adoption of microbiome-based therapies
Learn the key regulatory and commercial considerations to approve and accept microbiome-based therapeutics to treat diseases.
Advances in microbiome commercialization and the latest therapeutic trends
Marketing new probiotics for therapeutic purposes and the latest trends in using beneficial microbes to develop the next generation of drugs..

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

24 Apr - 25 Apr 2024, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm