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Fashion Tech Week – Bengaluru 2024

With an immensely positive response to the 1st edition Fashion Tech Week 2024 is set to be held at ITC Gardenia Bengaluru on 30th-31st May 2024 on a much larger scale both in terms of the Expo and the Conference along with the huge opportunities you’ll get for your business.

The fashion retailers brands and manufacturers today need to deliver innovation with speed through digitalisation of the entire supply chain – from farm to consumer to stay relevant in the business.

On-demand manufacturing Industry 5.0 predictive analytics wearable’s trend forecasting virtual fitting room’s customer engagement experiential buying metaverse through technologies like AI/ML/AR/VR 3D IoT edge computing NFT blockchain smart textiles and robotics amongst many others are innovating the traditional fashion industry in an evolved business landscape. Fashion technology is unfolding its offerings at a much faster rate today; however a gap is there between the understanding of tech providers and tech users. This gap often subsides the urgency for technology implementation in different processes and therefore it needs to be bridged.

FTW 2024: Show Info
• 40+ Sponsors and Partners
• 25+ Sessions: Tech Panel Tech Podium Tech Spotlight and Tech Huddle
• 75+ Speakers
• 2000+ Attendees

Participating Stakeholders:
• Fashion Tech Companies
• Fashion Brands and Retailers
• Fashion E-commerce Companies
• Apparel Manufacturers
• Smart Textile/Clothing Players
• Investors and Innovators

Discussion topics for this edition are:

• Intelligence Store: Leveraging AI to Transform Fashion Retail
• Building Fashion Store on E-commerce: Best Way Out
• From Driver-less cars to Operator-less Operations: A Paradigm Shift
• Arduous Product Development Process? 3D Comes to the Rescue!
• Living in Virtuality while Dreaming in Reality
• Is Time for Fashion Metaverse Now in India?
• Inventory? No Way; Just Print It and Deliver
• On-Demand Manufacturing and India: Feasibility and Opportunities
• Transparency in Supply Chain is a Requisite: Embrace It Now!
• Why Unified Commerce Should Be A Focus of D2C Fashion Brands?
• IoT in Manufacturing: Building a Digital Twin

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30 May - 31 May 2024, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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