EKAM WORLD PEACE FESTIVAL - 2022 ekam, Chittoor District

Ekam World Peace Day is a phenomenon. Millions of peace makers from around the world holding peace energy points gathering together as families groups and communities will join us in a special peace meditation to impact the collective consciousness of humanity.

Can you imagine the power we will be generating with such a powerful collective peace meditation??!

The Peace Energy Points that are held by Peacemakers are like satellite ships that are connected to the mother ship which is Ekam.

As we meditate together we would infuse the collective consciousness of humanity with a state of peace. The impact of our collective meditation will move the needle in humanity’s collective consciousness towards greater non-violence compassion and peace.

We invite you to take part in the Ekam World Peace Festival from September 4th onwards and join us as an Ekam Peacemaker along with your soul circle to meditate on the Ekam World Peace Day on the 18th of September for an hour and contribute to World Peace.

To contribute to peace for all living beings is our greatest dharma as human beings. For a long time humanity has been part of the problem. It is time we become part of the solution.

Join us in this noble peace mission. https://www.ekam.org/ekam-world-peace-festival-2022/


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