With the standards for customer and employee experiences at an all-time high, capturing and leveraging actionable intelligence has never been more important. Thanks to the rise of omnichannel communication and the emergence of remote work, the prospect of acquiring and unifying such intelligence has never seemed more intimidating.
Things are not as they appear, however. Thanks to innovative industry solutions and proven best practices, the pathway to a better strategy for managing experiential and operational data has never been more valuable.
Customer Contact Intelligence & Analytics will uncover this new landscape, revealing how companies can safely and securely capture unprecedented data about behavior, sentiment, and intent from all channels. More importantly, it will reveal how to use the data to improve all facets of the experience – from eliminating pain points, to re-orchestrating customer journeys, to managing remote agents, to improving training, to providing proactive support, to ultimately becoming a more trusting brand.
02 Nov - 03 Nov 2022, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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