The world of business is changing rapidly. And, of course, contracts are changing as well. The contracting process increasingly requires attorneys to draft and design contracts that humans can read, understand, and use. As a result, modern contracts are increasingly written in plain English and utilize design elements to help contract readers, especially consumers, partners, and internal stakeholders to improve their relationship with contracts.

In this webinar, Parley Pro CEO Olga V. Mack will share what design elements Apple and Google use in their contracts to create straightforward, user-friendly, and on-brand contracts. And what five easy design practices you can incorporate in your contracts right away to do the same

In this discussion, you will:

• Review Apple and Google examples of future contract design to help understand how design is changing the presentation of contracts and other legal documents to clients and consumers.

• Learn practices that will help you to make creative and consumer-friendly contracts using visual elements, simplified text, short header sections, brand elements and colors, and white space to help guide the users’ eyes quickly to find the information they want.

• Discover methods of transition from an old-school contract to a clear and helpful file. While these documents are legal contracts, they will read more like helpful blog posts and feel like conversations with friends. The lack of legalese or legal voodoo in the simple language used will help facilitate the transition.



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28 Feb - 31 Mar 2023, 12:00 am

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