Certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Duration: 8 Hours
Course Delivery: Classroom / Virtual Live/ On-Site
Language: English
Credits: 8

Course Overview:

Communication Skills are the most highly valued skills in today’s business environment. Successful professionals who add value to their companies communicate clearly, accurately and effectively. Poor communication skills, on the other hand, restrict even the most talented professionals from getting ahead in the business world.

Communication Skills intensive is a cutting edge training program designed to help today’s business professionals take their communication skills and effectiveness to the next level. It immerses you into the most advanced and innovative communication techniques.

You will dive deep into all forms of verbal, non-verbal and written communication, and come out with a developed sense of personal communication style that will help you to connect with, communicate to, and inspire people around you. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital life skill and something that should not be overlooked. It’s never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so improve your quality of life.

Target Audience:
There is no Eligibility Criteria for this training, anyone can attend this training

Learning Objectives:
1. Script yourself with clear, compelling and well-developed messages that reflect your thinking .
2. Speak with vision and a logical structure that drives home your points.
3. Answer questions confidently.
4. Develop professional relationships and networks.
5.Communicate with empathy and compassion .
6.Inspire people by appealing to their emotions.
7.Move from an informational to an inspirational and action oriented style when creating and delivering presentations.
8.Integrate effective slides into your presentations.
9.Become a more powerful leader and communicator by applying effective strategic planning and writing tactics for enhanced writing speed and fluency.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Materials:
Students will receive a course manual with presentation slides and reference materials.

There is no exam.

Technical Requirements:

For eBooks:
Internet for downloading the eBook
Laptop, tablet, Smartphone, eReader (No Kindle)
Adobe DRM supported software (e.g. Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader)
eBook download and activation instructions

1.The Science of Effective Human Communication
2.Frames of Business and Communication
3.Principles and Strategies for Effective Business Conversations
4.Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
5.How to Listen Effectively and Accurately
6.Science of Body Language
7.How to look confident and charismatic
8.Business Presentation Skills and Strategies
9.Powerpoint Best Practices
10.Principles and Techniques for Effective Written Communication
11.How to write clear, concise and fast at the same time

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

22 Mar 2022, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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