China Green Data Center Summit 2023 Shanghai,China, Shanghai,China

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China Green Data Center Summit 2023 will focus on the theme of “Data Center Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Development Road”, by inviting government agencies and industry experts, from policy planning, standards, latest developments, corporate practices and latest low-carbon technologies of green data centers Solutions and other hot content to share practical cases, provide valuable information and technical guidance for enterprises to participate in the construction of green data centers and low-carbon transformation planning, and then let the industry more clearly understand the latest trends and challenges in the industry, seize opportunities, Coping with adjustments.

Hot topics

  • Interpretation of China Green Data Center Planning and Policy;
  • “东数西数”背景下数据中心现状分析与绿色发展探索;
  • 在碳中和目标指引下,企业如何有效开展绿色电力和绿证交易;
  • 加强数据中心碳排放管理,助力实现双碳目标;
  • 案例研究——数据中心的碳中和之路;
  • 探索先进计算网络如何赋能数据中心绿色发展;
  • 数据中心设计和优化:使用机器学习和人工智能预测和优化能源消耗;
  • …….(更多的)

Event Dates & Venue

24 Aug - 25 Aug 2023, 12:00 am