China & Asia Footwear Summit 2024 Shanghai,China, Shanghai,China

This summit will invite relevant policy and regulatory departments, brands, retailers, shoe manufacturers, material suppliers, non-governmental organizations, consulting agencies and sustainable solution companies, etc., from innovative and environmentally friendly shoe material research and development, shoe procurement, In terms of digital transformation, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, sustainable technology, sustainable development, etc., we will deeply discuss the latest development status and future trends of the footwear industry supply chain in China and Asia, provide a platform for exchange and cooperation for industry players, and jointly promote the global footwear industry. Transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of industrial supply chains.


Summit Highlights

Status and Development Trend of China Footwear Industry under the Background of “Double Carbon” .

USA Policy and How that Would Affect China and Asian Footwear Industry.

Sustainability Guide for the Footwear Industry.

Implementing ESG Concepts and How to Use Green Technology to Promote Sustainable Development of Shoe Companies.

Footwear Materials Development and Innovation under the Sustainable Development Model.

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions across the Entire Value Chain of the Footwear Industry Starting from the Material Source.

How the “Lean-Agile” Integrated Supply Chain Strategy Reshapes the Footwear Industry Supply Chain Management Model.


⌛ Event Dates & Venue

18 Jan - 19 Jan 2024, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm