Boldly Going Nowhere Spirit of the Jungle II 2024 Hotel Oka\’an, Chichén-Itzá

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Boldly Going Nowhere is a simple play on words.

nowhere = Now Here

Quantum physics often says that everything comes from nothing. NoThing. No thing. Yet how do we translate from quantum to human life?

Why do many of our best ideas come when we are in the shower, or driving, or on an airplane, or doing what we love? Because we are present, our hands our empty, our brains are quieted, and we are available. We are not multi-tasking, running from app to app or store to store or conversation to conversation. We are not saturated with the incoming. Space is open for something to come in.

Boldly Going Nowhere is about making space. 

When we constantly strive, we never arrive.

Boldly Going Nowhere is about arriving. 

Nowhere. Now Here.

To begin.


Our mission is to inspire a path to nowhere. A place where all is manifest, all ideas are born, all possibilities exist. A place where clarity is born, peace lives, and chaos dies. A place many have been seeking – and through perpetual seeking, have perceived it to be unattainable.

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19 Mar - 26 Mar 2024, All Day

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