Bioelectric Medicine Development Summit Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston

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2024 has just started and Cognito Therapeutics has reached a clinical milestone with their neuromod device, Medtronic’s closed loop SCS has successfully reduced overstimulation and SPR Therapeutics’ SPRINT PNS demonstrated efficacy!

As leading device developers optimize their strategies and start-ups continue to grow, this explosive field is witnessing greater recognition and the potential to redefine the possibilities of bioelectric medicine to be used as a routine therapy is here.

Coming to you in Boston, the Bioelectric Medicine Development Summit is the only industry forum dedicated to uniting likeminded experts to:

-Cultivate this rapidly growing field by overcoming the competition and leveraging different perspectives into advancing DBS, VNS, BCI, SCS and more

-Convince key stakeholders of its monumental potential by understanding physicians, patients, venture capitals and insurance companies’ requirements

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

04 Jun - 06 Jun 2024, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Ticket Pricing:
Drug Developer Conference + Pre-Conference Workshop Day Ticket: USD 4197.00, Drug Developer Conference Only Ticket: USD 2999.00, Academic Conference + Pre-Conference Workshop Day Ticket: USD 3597.00, Academic Conference Only Ticket: USD 2599.00, Solution Provider Conference + Pre-Conference Workshop Day Ticket: USD 5097.00, Solution Provider Conference Only Ticket: USD 3699.00

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