Behavioural Analysis 2023 Václav Havel Airport Prague, Prague 6

Behavioural Analysis 2023 is the 5th international conference exploring how hostile, criminal and negative intent can be identified through the application of tactical risk assessment, behavioural observation and the resolution of concerns through investigative questioning techniques.

The event brings together security professionals, responsible for the deployment or oversight of non-racial profiling operationally, with academics engaged in the latest research in the fields of nonverbal communication, deception detection, and behavioural science.

Key international institutions, such as the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airports Council International (ACI) EUROPE and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) will share their perspectives on the use of behavioural analysis to identify negative intent. As well as international perspectives, domestic case studies will be presented by the Singapore Police Force, Ghent Local Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police explaining how they use behavioural observation to detect a range of threats in different security settings such as airports, open air festivals and museums.

The conference will address the role of behavioural analysis in distinctive criminal acts like human trafficking, sexual assault, terrorism, and insider threat detection, whilst also equipping delegates with the latest research on how to identify suspicious individuals in general with non-verbal cues, investigative interviewing and addressing our biases to better our detection capabilities.

The conference takes place at Prague Airport; as part of the programme, the airport’s security team will be taking delegates on behind-the-scenes tours of the facility. Case studies from other arenas will be presented and some of the technologies, including those based on artificial intelligence, which might help automate the detection of negative intent will be discussed.

Whilst the event takes place in mainland Europe, our speakers reflect the global nature of the event. For the first time speakers come from Argentina, India, Thailand and Qatar. They’ll be presenting alongside confirmed speakers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Israel, Poland, Sweden, UK, USA and, naturally, the Czech Republic.

Behavioural Analysis 2023 is a must attend conference for those that are involved in the management of security for crowded places and academics that are engaged in the discipline of security and psychology. Our delegates typically include security managers and directors in charge of critical infrastructure, sports stadia, transport networks, festival/concert venues and tourist attractions.

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Speakers: Col. Richard Kemp CBE, Dr. Cliff Lansley, Philip Baum, Dr. Abbie Marono, Alan Crawley, Mi Ridell, Diana Nowek, Dr. Sagit Yehoshua, Dr. Galit Nahari, Catherine Piana, Neville Hay, Tim Colehan, Sebastien Colmant, Dr. Sarah Lloyd, Sandra Adiarte, Barbora Vegrichtova, Dr. Karel Lehmert, Kanan Tandi, Elsine van Os, Jiri Cmunt, Dr. Lenka Scheu, Aaron Le Boutillier, Kim Covent

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28 Mar - 30 Mar 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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