BATTERY MINERALS & SUPPLY CHAIN 2023 conference Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canadian

  • Market intelligence and outlook on global demand and price volatility of battery minerals
    Understand the key market drivers for the battery minerals industry from a global perspective, along with commerce and supply chain dynamics under the current geopolitical environment.
  • Exploring the next-generation battery chemistry toward battery cost optimization
    Get an update on the latest research in alternative battery chemistry with lower critical mineral intensity, such as LFP (lithium-ion phosphate) chemistry, manganese-rich cathode chemistry (LNMO), and lithium-free Na-ion battery chemistries.
  • New Supply Chain strategies from global battery manufacturers with major mineral producers
    Under the current situation of disruptions in the global supply chain, hear from experts on innovative strategies for streamlining the value chain of battery minerals in the face of high global demands.
  • Effect of battery mineral availability on pushing boundaries of recovery through battery recycling
    Gain insights on how new technologies involving battery recycling for mineral recovery are prioritized to augment material availability.
  • Status of new global projects in upstream battery mineral exploration
    Hear from key miners and upstream explorers on the exciting prospects of newly discovered project sites across the globe for lithium, nickel, graphite, and other rare earth minerals.
  • Upcoming ESG guidelines toward responsible mineral extractions
    To gain higher investor confidence, understand how battery mineral corporations aim for the highest environmental and social governance standards in their mineral extraction policies.
  • Case studies of innovative mining processes in mineral production
    Evaluate case studies of new extraction techniques and other processing methodologies adapted for lithium and other rare earth minerals in their downstream production processes.

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

29 May - 30 May 2023, All Day