• Economic outlook and industry forecasts for plastics and advanced composites
    Understand the economic fundamentals and key market drivers for plastics and advanced composites from a global perspective. Which advanced materials are available today, and where is the automotive industry heading?
  • Exploring innovative plastics and advanced composite materials for automotive lightweighting
    Make the business case for adopting new materials to achieve lightweighting targets for the next generation of vehicles.
  • New manufacturing processes and additive manufacturing techniques for automotive production
    Deliver reliable and scalable production methods with advanced materials to achieve cost targets while optimizing production using new strategies.
  • Latest research and development in using advanced materials for improving design and aesthetics
    Evaluate innovations in automotive design. Which high-performing materials can be used for developing interior and exterior vehicle aesthetics?
  • Upcoming regulations, safety standards, and recycling initiatives for new automotive vehicles
    Hear from key regulators and classification bodies to ensure your products meet the requirements of new vehicle safety regulations and environmental standards.
  • Case studies on plastics and advanced composites for the next generation of vehicles
    Gain insights from leading manufacturers and implement strategies that others in the industry use to ensure successful applications of advanced materials in your next automotive products.


17 Jul - 18 Jul 2023, All Day