Join us at Walls Of Books, located in The Shoppes at Parma, as we host Tonya (TK) Kinlow for an Author Talk and Book Signing Sunday November 6th, from 1pm-3pm.
From the Author~

“The Universal Laws of Awakening is a gift to you from
Consciousness. This wisdom comes to you at a critical time in
the renaissance of the world’s Awakening. You will find that
reading this book in small doses provides massive restorative
and enduring results. Be easy on yourself and take your time.
Change takes energy. As you Awaken to your significance in
relation to all life, you grow and become a change agent for the
entire world.”

The Universal Laws of Awakening is
a guide to the journey that enlivens
the soul for its best and highest expression.
This is a spiritual classic. This wisdom
creates high-vibration resonance for abundant
wellbeing for teachers and seekers alike.

About the Author:
Tonya (TK) Kinlow teaches spiritual transformation
and lifestyle practices that free the mind of its
limiting beliefs. TK had an awakening after several
crises threatened to break her. Instead, this
awakening revealed the true inner-dimension
where happiness abides in all of us, even in the
midst of chaos. She shares this simple truth…
Spirituality is the cure for overall health and the
well-being of mankind.

TK is an Inspirational Author Spiritual Teacher & Life
Coach. She published four books; A Year of ME, The 10
Days, A Spiritual Retreat for Personal Transformation…at
home, A Wellness Journey journal, and now The Universal
Laws of Awakening, a Spiritual Classic.

06 Nov 2022, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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