AscenDance Enchantment 2022 Wisdome LA, Los Angeles

Join us in creating the Experience together of a WORLD OF ONENESS AND JOY where ALL are Loved, Honored, Appreciated and Fully Expressed!!
Dive into a night of enchantment and wonder! After two long years Grateful Generation is bringing back the magic of AscenDance to The Wisdomes in Downtown Los Angeles. Get sprinkled with fairy dust, Dress up and express your inner mystic, as we dance the night away! Step into a world where Art, Music, and Expression bring us together to experience a celebration of Life! Enjoy two domes with full 360 degree visual and audio immersion.
Feel your body moved and your expanded by epic music, mind blowing visuals, live visionary painting, healers, vendors, and a circus of performers sure to move touch and inspire your inner child’s wonder and awe!

The Wisdomes house an epic audio visual experience, Five Domes , 2 Stages for music, and an outdoor wonderland in the heart of LA.

10 Jun 2022, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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