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The “24th World Congress on Pediatric Oncology and Cancer Care” will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from October 02-03, 2023 centered around the theme on Pediatric Cancer and Oncology: Improving Treatments and Fostering Supports. It will feature keynote speeches, poster presentations, oral lectures, and exhibitions. In order to discuss and learn more about various topics related to Cancer Biomarkers, Anti-Cancer drug discovery therapy, Gynaecologic Oncology, Immuno Oncology, Neuro Oncology, Oncology Nursing, Pediatric Oncology, Pulmonary Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Cancer and Oncology Genetics and further more. There is a worldwide platform known as the Pediatric Cancer Congress. At Pediatric Oncologists 2023, Conference Series has made the first move to bring together bright specialists from both industry and academia on a single platform.

Young researchers and students can observe the research on paediatric cancer that is presented at the conference from a variety of scientific backgrounds. The primary goal of Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 is to disseminate knowledge in the medical and life sciences that researchers would need in the course of their work. As a result, Germany would be the ideal location for this exchange of information.

The Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 provides a global forum for the presentation of research on cutting-edge methods, ground-breaking devices, and numerous recently introduced drugs for the treatment of paediatric and neonatal oncology. By exchanging ideas on various topics under this subject, the conference contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and lowers the incidence rate globally. Each conference frequently features several speakers, all of whom are experts in oncology-related subjects. Every day during the Pediatric Oncology Congress, a variety of topic analyses are scheduled, and participants often select their own topics from among these global events.

The goal of Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 is to present honorary awards to deserving Young researchers, Scientists, Young Investigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, and junior professors in recognition of their excellent contributions to the conference theme. The Young Scientist Awards strive to offer academicians in their early careers with a solid professional development opportunity by bringing specialists together to exchange and share their expertise on all facets of cancer care and oncology.

Young Researchers in Pediatric Cancer Congress Awards for the Nomination in 2023:

The Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 Young Researcher Forum – Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate thesis work Presentation will only accept 20 presentations.

Advantages of YRF Registrations:

  • Young Scientist Award recipients get certificates of achievement and souvenirs.
  • For oral presentations of your research, Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 offers the finest venue.
  • Through networking, you can find out about new technology and employment opportunities.
  • Permit research collaboration with renowned senior researchers from around the globe in the area of nanotechnology.
  • It’s a fantastic chance for young researchers to learn about different study fields and increase their research knowledge.


Why to attend


Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 is one of the best and most exciting opportunities that have been created in an interdisciplinary approach with a wide range of tracks to present new technology, new goods, and services that your sector may provide to a big global audience. They will have a great opportunity to showcase their most recent work on Pediatric Cancer and Oncology because it covers a wide variety of themes.

It anticipates more than 200 attendees from around the world to participate with thought-provoking Keynote lectures, oral presentations, and poster presentations at Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023, which will feature presentations by professionals from around the world in the field of medical, healthcare and oncology fields. Editorial board members from related international publications are represented by the delegates.

As a low-cost marketing strategy for generating sales, possibilities, and contacts, business networking gives suppliers the chance to network and meet with “Top Scientists and Colleagues.” To encourage students and recent graduates to exhibit their unique research, which will be published in journals later, the student poster competition is held at the conference.

Poster sessions at the conference will feature all of the submitted abstracts. Students who are unable to attend the conference can present an E-Poster for just $99, with the abstract being posted online with a DOI. The addition of live streaming is a value-added service for the speaker.

Target Audience:

Doctors, Young Research Scientists, Medical Colleges, Pediatric Cancer Associations and Societies, Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies, Healthcare Professionals, Directors of healthcare Companies, Leading Scientists, Oncologists, Medicine, and Pharmaceuticals, Fellows or Postdoctoral Students, Researchers, CEOs, and Business Delegates

Highlights of the conference:

  • More than 300 participants (70 Industry: 30 Academia)
  • Five keynote speakers or more; 50 or more speakers at the plenary; and Twenty exhibitors or more
  • Five or more workshops; fourteen creative educational sessions; and business meetings

The pleasure of attending Pediatric Cancer Congress 2023 entails improvement and gradual evolution in your method of operation, as well as the opportunity to view things in a wider framework and encounter the educational and industrial overviews.

Event Dates & Venue

02 Oct - 03 Oct 2023, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm